LED-valaisin kuvasto 2018

Winled valaisee kiinteistöjä omakotitaloista ostoskeskuksiin ja löydät kuvastostamme valopaneelit, LED-nauhat, teollisuusvalaisimet ja monet muut valaisimemme kattavine teknisine tietoineen.

Laadukkaat LED-valaisimet

Our main goal is to provide our customers with high quality products and services that are tested by us here in Finland as well as by third-party authorities. We conduct our product development in close collaboration with our customers to guarantee that our LEDs meet every need they have.'

We hand-pick our collaborators and suppliers, and conduct careful assesment by visiting factories and fairs. Our aim is to create long-lasting partnerships that benefit both parties and ensure a functioning supply chain.

Our CE-certifed lighting fixtures are built by using first-rate components resulting in e.g. high efficiency and CRI rates. Our industrial luminaires have up to 100 000 hours of life span and most have been admitted with a D-mark implying they are suitable and safe to use in spaces with high temperatures and dust. In addition to that, our new Nova-series has lumen depreciation rate less than 2% after 50 000 hours of use.